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Direct Sale: Mufflers/Scarves. BTSSB Alice & The Pirates Fox, Offbrand Panda and Heart E pink bunny! - Gothic And Lolita Online [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Direct Sale: Mufflers/Scarves. BTSSB Alice & The Pirates Fox, Offbrand Panda and Heart E pink bunny! [Mar. 1st, 2010|08:00 pm]
Gothic And Lolita Online


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Hello again, discovered I have a ton of mufflers/scarves or whatever you want to call them I never wear and have decided to see if any of you are interested in them :)

Sales Info:
  • I do not have any feedback on loligothdbs.com as yet but I do occasionaly sell on ebay, my feedback can be found here *clicky*
  • The prices of the items listed INCLUDES postage within the UK via 1st class Recorded Delivery and the cost of the envelope/box etc needed to package the item.
  • I will not send items any other untrackable method as we dont want anything getting lost :(
  • If you want to secure an item, please send the exact amount stated to me via Paypal, my paypal email address is voodoo_lou@hotmail.com and dont forget to add a note to say what you are paying for!
  • I live in the UK and would rather only post to the UK purely because shipping outside the UK is often twice as much so it might not be worth your while as you wont be getting a bargain *but* if you really want something I have listed I will get an estimate for you.
  • I have priced everything very reasonably but will consider offers :)
  • I am sorry my pictures are a bit crap I am an awful photographer!
  • If you have any questions, please leave a comment on here or you can email me at: voodoo_lou@hotmail.com

Panda Long Scarf/Muffler
Got this from etsy a few years ago, cost around £30ish
I have never worn it so its in perfect condition
Its made of a thick fleece and is long so you can wrap it round a few times 

Price £15.00 UK (Within europe add £5.00, rest of world add £8.00 for shipping)

New with tags Heart E Pink rabbit muffler
Soft and lovely!

Price £15.00 UK (within Europe add £5.00, rest of world add £8.00 for shipping)

Baby the Stars Shine Bright 'Alice and the Pirate' Faux Fox Muffler/Stole/Scarf
Worn a few times but its still in perfect condition :)
There is a clip on the head side of the muffler so it stays on!
Very thick and warm!
Imcludes BTSSB carrier bag

Price £35.00 UK (Within Europe add £5.00 and rest of world add £8.00 for shipping)


Oh and I still have lots more stuff left from my last sales post including Angelic Pretty Mode Girl Top and Beret, make me an offer :)

Thanks for looking! xo