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gothlolita's Journal

Malice In Wonderland

Gothic And Lolita Online
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This community is for all who have a love of and interest in gothic and lolita fashions. Whether you love gothic lolita, sweet lolita, punk lolita, sexy lolita. Whether you're a minx or a princess we love you all.

Post your auctions, your pictures, ask for advice, arrange meet-ups. We want people to gain something positive from this community. We welcome everyone here.

The only rules are these

No elitism, under any circumstances!If you think that fashion has to adhere to strict rules then this probably isn't the place for you. We don't mind how you choose to interpert things, but allow that others have their own opinions too.Just because you don't think its Lolita, or EGL for example doesn't mean it isn't

No bitching, remarks that are unwarranted, abusive or mean will not be tolerated.

If someone asks for advice make sure its constructive and not abusive.It's nice to get feedback and help at times.