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DS: Angelic Pretty Swan Lake Ballerina Skirt & Offbrand Goodies :) [Feb. 24th, 2010|03:38 pm]
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Sales Info:
  • I do not have any feedback on loligothdbs.com as yet but I do occasionaly sell on ebay, my feedback can be found here *clicky*
  • The prices of the items listed INCLUDES postage within the UK via 1st class Recorded Delivery and the cost of the envelope/box etc needed to package the item.
  • I will not send items any other untrackable method as we dont want anything getting lost :(
  • If you want to secure an item, please send the exact amount stated to me via Paypal, my paypal email address is voodoo_lou@hotmail.com and dont forget to add a note to say what you are paying for!
  • I will ship outside the UK but will only post things via International signed for post as its a more secure method. Please be aware the shipping can often be double of that it would be within the UK so please ask me for an estimate :)
  • I have priced everything very reasonably but will consider offers :)
  • I cannot do holds (unless its just a few days) or accept trades as I need the money asap 
  • I am sorry my pictures are a bit crap I am an awful photographer!
  • If you have any questions, please leave a comment on here or you can email me at: voodoo_lou@hotmail.com
  • Angelic Pretty Black and White Lolita Ballerinas print skirt from the 'Swan Lake' series
Cost around 16590 yen for the skirt alone which is around £115, would have been around £140-£150 after the celga fees etc
Worn only a few times so its still in great condition
Skirt is VERY full, it is make up of three layers :) 
The waist unstretched is 25 inches, it has around 4 inches of stretch so would fit up to at 29 inch waist although it would of course be best suited to a 24-27inch waist so its not uncomfortably tight :)
Skirt has a detatachable bow

Price £100

Pictures of the skirt:


Art of Adornment Mini top hat hairband with veil
Perfect accessory for a gothic lolita 
Cost around £45
Sequinned flower and rose detail
Hairband is also sequinned
Never worn so its in perfect condition
I will post this in a shoebox so it does not get damaged

Price £20.00


White and Black bow detail cardigan
Item is labelled a UK Size 6 but its quite small made
Worn a few times but its still in great condition

Price £15.00


Grey and Black Alice In Wonderland inspired Card Details Cardigan
UK Size 6 but will also fit an 8
This cardigan is meant to be rather short so it is best suited for a petite girl (5'3 or under) unless
of course you dont mind it being a bit short
Worn a few times so its still in great condition

Price £15.00

Heart E adjustable crown ring
Never worn
Ring says 'Heart E' on it but due to the glare in the pics its hard to tell

Price £8.00

I also have more Angelic Pretty Stuff (Mode Girl top and beret) and some other brand items such as H Naoto for sale over here *clicky* on my journal, please check it out  :) Feel free to make me an offer.