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Dresses & Outfits [Feb. 4th, 2009|09:46 am]
Gothic And Lolita Online



Excellent Bodyline Outfit Sz F (Sz S/M) - asking £75

Brand New With Tags Jeannie Nitro Tartan Dress Sz M -asking £50 - matching lunchbox handbag - unused asking £15

Brand New With Tags True Love Lolita Dress Sz S - asking £50

K-Star Lolita Dress - worn once - cost £54.99 - asking £45 Reduced to £35

Bust: 30-34"
Waist: up to 30" max but has a tie back so could fit much smaller
Hips: Free
Length: 34"

Strawberry Backpack - asking £5

Lolita Tie - asking £7.50

Lil Lolita Headress - asking £7.50 Reduced to £5

I would prefer that all transactions are conducted under my sales journal if possible in order to keep things all clear for me and just in case notifications of comments fail, I check this journal everyday: http://xdeletedscenex.livejournal.com/